PART: Engle Cams

PRICE: $90.00 or $95.00

Engle is the most widely used high-performance VW camshaft manufacturer in the world today. Whatever your application is, Engle has a cam to fill it. We stock W, FK, and VZ Series Cams. The W and VZ Series cams are only $80.00. The performance FK Series cams are $85.00. These are brand new in the box and ready to go! Call or email to order.


PART: Magnum Straight Cut Gears

PRICE: $135.00

Another popular name in the VW industry. Pair Magnum Gears with an Engle Cam for the ultimate performance combo. Switching to straight cut cam gears eliminates the thrust load on the cam bearings. Not only do these gears greatly reduce the odds of premature wear, but they also requires less HP to drive than stock gears! Magnum gear sets are supplied with mounting hardware, 0°, 2°, and 4° advance/retard washers. Call or email to order.


PART: Ratio Rocker Arm Sets

PRICE: $225.00

We stock 1.25:1 and 1.4:1 ratio rocker arm sets. We have 2 sets to choose from; both are Scats ultra high quality Pro-Comp brand for $225. Both sets include solid shafts, bronze bushed rocker arms, heavy duty studs, and lash caps. Call or email to order.


PART: JayCee Push Rod Tubes

PRICE: $89.00

We stock genuine JayCee Push Rod Tubes. These are made from 6061 extruded aluminum tubing and are CNC machined to spec. JayCee Push Rod Tubes feature a larger I.D. (0.875") that make for excellent push rod clearance, as well as a dual O-ring setup to help prevent leaks. These are brand new and ready to go! Call or email to order.


PART: Compu-Fire Module Kit

PRICE: $85.00

Turn your standard ignition into an Electronic Ignition. This kit eliminates the points and the condenser, is dust resistant and water resistant too. Have a flawless ignition performance with no points to bounce, wear, or get out of adjustment. These are brand new in the box and ready to go! Call or email to order.


PART: OEM Magnesium Engine Case

PRICE: $795.00

We stock new OEM VW AS41 engine cases. Why risk your build with using an unknown used (and maybe abused) engine case, when you can still get OEM quality new! These engine cases feature all the factory upgrades like: dual oil reliefs, larger oiling holes, 8mm case savers, and a deep stud on #3. Not only that, but these cases utilizes a universal design that allow them to be used in Type 1, Type 2 & Type 3 applications! Call or email to order.


PART: Super Aluminum Engine Case

PRICE: $895.00

We stock the new aftermarket aluminum engine cases. These feature: 94mm/90.5mm/85.5mm piston bores, up to 84mm strokes with no need for clearancing, 8mm or 10mm case savers, a reinforced/filled #3, shuffle pins on the center mains, drilled/tap oil galleries, and are drilled/tapped for full flow as well. We normally recommend these Aluminum Cases for TURBO or ALL-OUT applications only. For NATURALLY ASPERATED and all other applications, we recommend our Super Magnesium Engine Cases. Call or email with questions, or to order.


PART: Kennedy Pressure Plate

PRICE: $125.00

We stock Stage 1 (1700 lbs), Stage 2 (2100 lbs), and Stage 3 (2600 lbs) Kennedy Pressure Plates. These are totally new, not rebuilt! The new diaphragm design is for better performance and reliability. Each pressure plate features a high tensile cast iron alloy for strength and stability. Available new in the box, or new straight out of the box with resurfacing for better performance. Call or email to order.


PART: Super Daikin Clutch Disc

PRICE: $34.00 or $59.00

We stock the original, the best all around disc today (PART# B503 & B503A)! Both clutch discs operate with progressive engagement. Both use a center wave spring and pairs of heat-dissipating outer aluminum plates. Both features an organic sintered woven lining that is riveted to the steel hub. Can be used with great results with either Kennedy Stage 2 or Stage 1 Pressure Plates! Choose from either the standard PART# B503 or the heavy duty PART# B503A!


PART: Super Lightened Flywheel

PRICE: $125.00

We stock new chromoly lightened flywheels. Each flywheels is only a light 12.5 LBS (5.7 Kg)! Each flywheels is made from 4340 forged chromium-molybdenum steel! These are eight-doweled, 12V, 200mm flywheels, and are for VW Type 1 and like applications. They are brand new, in the box, and ready to go! Call or email to order.


PART: High Performance Crankshaft

PRICE: $245.00

We stock 74mm, 76mm, 78mm, 82mm, & 84mm crankshafts. All cranks can be ordered with either VW (Type 1) OR Chevy journal sizes. Each crank is forged 4340 chromium-molybdenum steel, and is magnafluxed and nitrated! Feel free to ask us about our full machining services such as micro polish, dynamic balance, and all other machining that is done in-house. Call or email to order.


PART: H-Beam Connecting Rod Set

PRICE: $235.00

We stock 5.400", 5.500", & 5.600" connecting rods. Select VW (Type 1) journal on 5.400" rods OR Chevy journal on 5.400", 5.500", & 5.600" rods. Each rod is forged 4340 chromium-molybdenum steel, and comes with 3/8" ARP 8740 or ARP 2000 bolts. Machining services such as clearance, and dynamic balance are done in-house, and available. Call or email to order your set of four.


PART: Wiseco Piston Set

PRICE: $399.00

We stock genuine Wiseco Pistons. These are true forged aluminum pistons, and are available in 94mm bore. This set includes the flat top pistons, wrist pins, spiral locks, and piston rings. These are brand new, in the box, ready to go! Call or email to order.


PART: Mahle Piston & Cylinder Set

PRICE: $165.00-$345.00

We stock genuine Mahle Pistons and Cylinder Sets. These are the industry standard for building a stock or performance Aircooled VW engine. These come with pistons, rings, wrist pins, clips, and cylinder barrels. These are brand new, in the box, ready to go! Call or email to order.


PART: Engine Rebuild Kits

PRICE: Call for Quote

On a budget, but want more performance? Want to build your own engine?. We have several different engine kits to choose from. Let us know what you are looking to build, and we can help you with the selection process. These kit feature either brand parts or refurbished like-new parts! Call or email to order.

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