Brothers VW Machine Shop proudly offers the most complete line of Aircooled VW engines; from stock to all out racing. Be it Type I or Type IV, these engines are precision machined and assembled in our own facilities. Brothers' engines are very competitively priced, and are set up with plenty of additional horse power and/or reliability. For those special needs, Brothers VW Machine Shop will custom build your engine to your specifications.

ENGINES: New Turn Keys

We build "Turn-Key" engines for the customer than wants the most from their engine with the least amount of trouble. A Turnkey engine is just as it sounds; an engine that once installed just needs the key turned to be ready to go! No cam break-in process and the fears that come with it, no major carb or jetting issues, no major timing or tuning adjustments; all these have been taken care of. All the worries of matching the correct parts and building the engine are gone too. Displacement, cam, compression, carburation, etc. have all be taken into consideration to give you a proven combo that works. Daily Driver, Dual Purpose Street, All Out Street, Pure Race, or Off-Road; we do it all. From 1776cc to 2332cc to 2866cc we have you covered.

ENGINES: New Long Blocks

We build "Long Block" engines for the customer than wants to complete the engine themselves or wants to use some of parts from their current setup. A Long Block engine is an engine that is completed from valve cover to valve cover, including the flywheel! This means all the internals are taken care of, and all you have to worry about is the "bolt-ons". Have a tired engine that needs replacing? Ready to upgrade to something bigger? Want more performance without the worry about the details in building the block yourself? We have ZERO mileage Long Blocks from 1600cc to 2789cc

ENGINES: Rebuilt Long Blocks

We offer "Rebuilt Long Block" engines for customers on a budget, or for customers that just need something basic. Need a replacement for that stock 1600? Been thinking about rebuilding, and want to try a 1641cc or 1776cc engine? Ready to upgrade to a 1914cc, but on a budget? We have the engines and options for price conscience. The word "rebuilt" does not mean "worn" or "used" either. Everything is machine, reground, rebuilt to "like new" quality, and the things that are not, are actually brand new. These engine have it were it counts, so they can be there for you when it counts.

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